9 Tips for MySpace Users: Making a Viewer Friendly Page

One of the best features about MySpace is a user’s ability to personalize his or her individual page.
The way you lay out your page will determine whether or not people continue to visit and view what you have set up. The following is a set of a few aesthetic tips to maximize your viewing potential.
Choose a theme.

This doesn’t mean go to a layout creator and pick the first option that catches your eye. What it means is to think about the colors you are choosing and making sure they complement each other. If your background is dark, use a light text color. This works both ways. Use dark texts for light backgrounds.

When possible, use dark backgrounds
We’ve all heard the old adage about staring at the sun and how it ruins your eyes. A computer screen is, in essence, a light. Staring at a white background is much more damaging than staring at a dark one. Remember the first computer screens? The ones that were black with green writing? They felt much nicer, didn’t they? Do your viewers a favor and go easy on their eyes.

**If you want to save your own eyes some trouble, changing your Microsoft Word colors will create some eyes. Try for a dark blue background and white writing.

Be careful when using images as backgrounds.
There is nothing worse than trying to read text on top of a crazy background image. Choose your image carefully, and make your text is still readable over it. If you can’t seem to find a color that works but still want to use the picture, open the image in a photo editor and place some sort of screen over it to alter color intensity.
Be aware of your automatic sound and video playing.
It is very distracting to viewers when they log on to a page and five different sounds are set to automatically begin upon loading. Make sure if you use the automatic play feature for sounds and video that you are using it for only one, and not all. If you can’t seem to figure out how to change this option, go into the source editing and find where your video is placed. Within the coding, there will be something to the effect, “Autoplay=yes”. Just change the yes to no.
Don’t go overboard with pictures.
Everything you place on your page takes time to load, so be careful not to go overboard. It’s not a secret that most people are impatients, so viewers are less likely to wait. If you try to show too much, it will end up taking the page much longer than anyone is willing to spend. Be considerate of your viewers, and also yourself. Keep the viewing of your page in your best interests.
Proof read for typos.
So many MySpace pages have very obvious typos, and this detracts from the viewers’ ability to sufficiently take in the content. We all learned to proof-read for a reason, and it wasn’t just because our English teachers were being strict.
Quality over quantity.
It’s not about having the most text or the most pictures on MySpace. No one is going to care to read something that doesn’t interest them. Simplify your content and really key in to acceptably displaying the main points you are trying to showcase.
Post bulletins sparingly.
Bulletins should be used for news updates or survey posts. Don’t post every chain bulletin that comes your way and says that Tom is going to start charging your account if you don’t repost the bulletin. That will never happen, so use your head when posting bulletins. Otherwise, people will eventually begin to ignore them.
Don’t add everyone and their mother as your friend.
So I lied earlier, there is something worse than trying to read text over a crazy background. And that something worse is having a million friends on MySpace. Even people who personally know all 30 of their friends don’t have the time to keep up with them all. There is no way someone can possibly know 548 people enough to list them as friends. Unless you’re befriending bands, but then again, I’m not sure I like that idea if you don’t personally know them, either.

All of these tips will improve your output and increase your viewers. After all, you joined MySpace to be seen, didn’t you?

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