The Android Droid is the One for Me

If I was asked one day to choose from all my technical gadgets and tools, I would have a hard time narrowing down my choice to a single item. Each technical device has its own strengths and weaknesses. While you can talk on a cellphone, information and entertainment is more easily attainable on a laptop, while an electronic book allows for easy reading, and the iPad allows for internet searches.
In the end, every item has something all other items do not. There is no single device that can do absolutely everything. However, an android cellphone is pretty darn close.

I would have to choose my Droid cellphone. This device allows me to communicate through calling, texting, and the internet. Also, I have access to the internet and documents. I may check my e-mail, watch movies, and play games. In addition, the phone is equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera that scans as well as takes photos.

The Droid can go anywhere with me and get charged easily too. I can charge it in a laptop, car, or just the wall, making it a device to go anywhere! In addition, the cell can easily be converted to use internationally.

Let’s not forget that the Droid is also an MP3 player so I no longer need my iPod. I can buy music, use free online music players, or add my own music to the device. The cell can be used for just about anything.

Also, the internet is readily available. Unlike my laptop, I have the internet where ever I have service with the Droid. I am not locked into wireless areas like I am with a laptop.

Apps on the cell also make it a top choice for my number one technical device. I can have things as simple as a flashlight built into the phone with an app, to as complex as weather updates and bartender instructions. There are endless applications to what a droid can do.

The downside, the Droid cannot be attached directly to a printer. If it could, my laptop would be obsolete. Other than that, my needs are met with the single device of the Droid. I can communicate, research, create, and entertain myself with this single piece of equipment while most other devices can only do one or two, but certainly not all of these.

At judgment day, when I am asked the crucial question of which single device would I choose… I’d choose the Droid Android phone for obvious reasons.

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