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Angry Birds: A guide on the entire features of this game

Angry birds is one of the most loved games among people of all age. It is a very addictive game which will not only make you spend a lot of time on it but it is also very hard to stop yourself from playing it. So you can easily play this game on your iPhone or Android platform as well as on the PC. This is a very simple game but needs proper strategies as well as aiming. So here is a guide on how the entire game works.

Stop frustrating: The game can be pretty much frustrating during a certain time when you are failing to make the right aim.

Spare time: Just make it a point that you will need to have a lot of spare time when you are playing this game. You will be needing to do a lot of tries till you are making yourself reach to the difficulty level. It is not that easy as it looks. In many cases, you can find that a player is repeating certain level 100 of times in order to get the perfect 3 stars and gain the highest score. If you don’t have enough time then it will be better if you don’t play this game otherwise it will make you more frustrated.

Know the birds well: Every character or the birds in this game is very unique and it is very important to know the personality of every character. This will not only help you to develop a lot of special moves that you will need to incorporate in order to hit them. In this way, you can also hide all your weakness by using the flaws of the character.

You can also accelerate the speed of the yellow bird when you will be tapping on the screen when it will be in the air. By using this ability you will be able to easily make them reach far places. Yellowbirds are said to have a better strength against the woods so if there is any would structure then you can usually use them. Blackbirds are considered to be the flying bombs so whenever you are thinking of smashing something through the concrete structures then use them. Whenever you will be using the white bird it will be able to drop a single egg bomb and you can use it to easily destroy anything.

Opt for different angles: If you want to knock down the strong structure from a particular angle then chances of ending up as a failure is high. So you can easily use different angles and if not satisfied then you can definitely repeat it. Repeating and learning from your mistakes will help you to grow in this game.

Enjoying this game is more important if you want to play it properly. This game is not only very interesting but will keep you hooked up to it for long hours. So make sure that using different moves and trying to get the three stars every time to easily score high.

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