Annihilate the Competition with These Modern Warfare 2 Hints and Tips

I hope you can use these tips for the game Modern Warfare 2.
First, never use throwing knives, because they are far less accurate than grenades, which also do collateral damage. You can get five or six kills quickly by throwing a grenade into a choke point or newly conquered headquarters, so take that chance whenever you can.

Most people don’t make enough use of flash-bang grenades, which can effectively blind opponents for long enough for you to catch and kill them before their vision recovers. Never use a riot shield for a big map, as it’s an open invitation for people to shoot you from the side. You wouldn’t think people have to be told this, but they do.

Listen carefully to what’s going on around you, so keep your volume high so that you can hear footsteps. This is especially important for snipers and has saved my life many times. Classic executions look cool but are very hard to pull off and leave you vulnerable when they fail, so don’t overdo them. Take an extra second to see if you have any unwanted company before moving in for the kill. You can get a 1:1 kill/death ratio by shooting the first guy you see, but you can easily improve that to 4:1 or 5:1.

Also, make sure that you get a gun that suits the way that you play, instead of a gun that looks good, takes a long time to reload, or is difficult to aim. I often mix my play, with intervals of long-range, short-range, and sniping combat, so that I have a good feel for all of the guns. You can reel off 10 or 15 kills in a row once you’ve got a bit of experience. Eventually, other players will catch up to you, and then it’s time to start learning a new way to play.

Be sure to make it easy to get your bonuses from kill streaks. Take, for example, the AC 130. This takes 11 kills to get a kill streak bonus. On the other hand, the helicopter only takes 7 kills to get a kill streak bonus. Therefore, you will want to utilize the helicopter instead of the AC130.

The last thing to always keep in mind is to take cover. This is the most basic thing but a lot of people do not take full advantage of it. This makes their game play suffer.

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