Apple IPhone Pioneered the Touchscreen Phone Design

The huge improvement in the smartphone industry something that has been attributed to the Apple iPhone since it is one of the pioneers of the touchscreen technology that is revolutionising the industry currently. The iPhone is a mobile phone that will be making headway into the industry by introducing the touchscreen technology that was not previously available in the affordable market. Also, even if it was affordable, then the user friendliness of the touch screen display mobile phones was greatly reduced in comparison with the other phones in the segment. This is where the iPhone created a new niche for itself by becoming the first mobile phone to be offering the touch screen display that was usable by many.

The iPhone came in the 3.5 inch touch screen display that used a maximum of 320 by 480 pixels in terms of resolution. Also, it was the first touchscreen display to be using the capacitive technology that made the possibility of multiple touch recognition on the same touchscreen, which was not simply past when the resistive touch screen displays that previously existed. The other features of this display included the scratch resistant surface that was also seen in the mobile phone for the first time. This means task of maintaining the touch screen display is going to be really easy since most of the normal scratches that will be occurring from day to day usage will not be happening on the Apple iPhone’s touch screen display.

The iPhone is going to be offered with 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB, which not only offers great levels of customisation, but also high levels of indulgence into the entertainment options of the phone. Given that this is one of the pioneers of the touchscreen technology, it is also expected to be having a number of entertainment options concerned with this touchscreen technology and it certainly does not disappoint in this regard. There are plenty of applications available for the iPhone, which will be was free or paid and that is probably the only difference that you will be finding in these applications because every one of them will be absolutely excellent for the Apple iPhone. The iPhone is going to be offered with only the black colour and it was only in the later versions of the Apple iPhone that the option of colours was introduced. The Apple iPhone 3GS was available in the white colour that was extremely popular.

The iPhone initially was powered by a 412 MHz processor that ran on the battery that was sufficient to give power to the phone for up to 8 hours when it comes to offering. Even more astonishingly, it was able to offer around 24 hours of music playback time, which was unimaginable at the time of the availability of the original iPhone, which was in 2007. The iPhone was replaced by the Apple iPhone 3G in 2008 and it brought the 3G capability to the Apple iPhone range.

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