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Asphalt 9 – How to Install This Game on Your Android Phone

Designed by Gameloft, Asphalt is really one of the most thrilling racing games among the players. The first reason for the huge popularity of this game is that you can download it at absolutely free of cost. If you have an iPhone, you can download the game from the Apple Store, while the users of Android phones can get it from the Google PlayStore. Besides its easy availability, the game is also popular because of it high-class graphics. It seems you are really racing on an asphalt road. If you have not downloaded it till now, there are certain steps to follow while downloading Asphalt 9 on your Android phone.

Steps to Install Asphalt 9 Manually on Your Android Phone

First of all, you need to visit the site and click on the option ‘Download Now’. Now, you can download the APK file along with the data file. While downloading, you should know that the entire file is of 1.20GB. So, it will be better if you have a download manager, like IDM, on your computer.

Once the download is complete, you need to extract the downloaded .zip file on your computer.

Are you done? Then, connect your phone to your computer. Now, transfer the unzipped ‘com.gameloft.android.ANP.GloftA9HM’ on the Android folder of your phone. You will find the ‘Android/Obb’ folder on the internal storage of your device.

The next step is to transfer the APK file and also install it.

You have to wait for more as the downloading and installing process of the game have not done yet.

Next, you need to install the Express VPN’ app from Google Play. It will come with a 7-day trial period but uses the Philippines as its prime location.

Once the VPN app gets downloaded, you need to allow it to check out the traffic. For that, you need to tap ‘OK’. Now, tap the ‘ALL’ tab, find the Asia Pacific and the select Philippines as your location.

Are you done with all these steps? Now, you can turn on the VPN.

So, these are the essential steps to download the game on your Android phone. But, downloading is not all. You want to play it, right? Here you will get certain tips that will help you to do well in the game.

Tips for Playing Asphalt 9

While you are playing a game, you definitely want to score well. As it is a racing game, your challenge is always to cross the hurdles faster. Here are certain tips that you can use to win the game-

There is nothing interesting in ending the game at the third or fourth place. To be on the first two, you should try using a nitro boost, 360-degree spin maneuvers, and drifts.

Upgrades are very important to be in the game. At every level, you will get the option to upgrade your car and other associates. Go for it.

Always complete your race goals.

So, here you get an overview of Asphalt 9. Download it now and remove boredom from your life. Feel the excitement of real racing!

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