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How to begin playing Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is one of the most popular Android games nowadays. Almost everyone is having it on their smartphone and it is no less than an addiction. It not only consumes your days but can also plague the nights. So people are definitely crushing on this game and hence this article is written in order to give the beginners an overview as well as the professionals some little more tricks to play it more efficiently.

So if you are a beginner then you just have to start the game by following just a few steps that are very mandatory.

Finding the patterns: This is a pattern game where you will have to match the candies. You have to be very quick when it comes to finding the right pattern in which you can easily match it. The quicker you can find the pattern, the better score you will be earning and moreover, there will be some patterns which will keep on repeating.

Start from the bottom: If you start approaching the candies from the bottom than from the top then it will be a drop-down approach that will not only create the cascade effect but will increase the potential of yours to easily match them and get some free moves.

Combos: One of the best combinations are the candies which are wrapped and the striped ones as well as the sprinkled doughnuts. If you can easily match them, it will not only reduce the entire board in the half but they are easy to spot from a distance and matching them, in the beginning, will simplify the entire process. When you will switch candies like the wrapped candy with the other wrapped candies then it will not only ignite 6 by 4 squares but will also help you to clear a huge area.

Know the stripes: In this game, you will find the striped candy in the exact direction where the candy which has been moved in the previous formation was there. So if you can move the candy horizontally then it will match the horizontal stripe which will help you to easily explode horizontally.

Clearing the jellies: Clearing the jellies is very important hence removing them from the edge will help you clear the entire board because with some few combinations you can easily eliminate them. Make sure that all the jellies are removed especially at the bottom side or corners.

Having a plan: Having a plan is very important as whenever you are starting with a new level, in the beginning you will have to remove all the elements that are easy to spot and reduce the entire board and then you will have to match the candies which can easily matchable with each other with few combinations.

This is an overview of the entire strategies of Candy Crush. One needs to apply it properly and make some new moves in order to create a difference. Always try to make some tricky moves as it will make the game most thrilling for you.

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