The best fighting game, Marvel: Contest of Champions is major superhero gaming goals

In 2014, developers Kabam released the fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions for both iOS and Android. The game is set primarily in the Marvel Universe, giving Marvel lovers a new lease to the gaming life. If you have read the limited comic book series by Marvel of the name Contest of Champions, you will love this game. The game is loosely based on the events of the limited comic book.

The gameplay:

In the game Marvel: Contest of Champions, gamers assume the role of a Summoner. The summoners are tasked by The Collector, to build a team of heroes and villains of Marvel. The plot behind it is to pit the villain and heroes against one another in combat. The gameplay is quite similar to that of the ‘Injustice: Gods among us’ and ‘The Mortal Kombat X’, there is a fighting arena in 3D and 2D plane for the superheroes actions. In the beginning, players have access to two characters and can work their way into the game and access additional characters, which include Iron Man, SpiderMan, Magneto, Hulk, Loki, Rhino, Wolverine, and Ultron. Every character is upgradable and features their own class, movements, abilities, traits and their special moves. There is an energy system that limits the number of questbased battles, where players can compete. The energy automatically recharges at a preset rate over time, or players can even refill or recharge their energy manually.

Playable character in the game:

There is a huge list of players that can be accessed along the span of the game and all the characters have their own genre and field. They vary from Science (eg. Captain America), Mutant (eg. Magneto), Skill (eg. Hawkeye), Cosmic (eg. Hela), Mystic (eg. Magik), Tech (eg. Ironman), etc


The locations are spread over a wide area with different forms. The places include, the Avengers’ Tower, Asgard vault, the Astral Plane (overseen by the Eye of Agamotto), The Kyln, Hell’s Kitchen, Knowhere, the Savage Land, a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier hangar, Sokovia, Grandmaster’s ‘Galactorum‘, the Sanctum Sanctorum, Asteroid M, the Asgard throne room, Asgard power station, the Wakandan necropolis and an Oscorp laboratory. The battles of the Marvel: Contest of Champions game takes place in these locations.

Additional features:

The game Marvel: Contest of Champions has additional features like different quests for players to conquer, like the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Star heroes like Black Widow, The Vision, and the Hulkbuster were included to assist in the Ultron missions.

There are alliances that can be formed, where up to 30 players can group together in private or in the open. These alliances prove beneficial for players can gain alliance crystals and access alliance quests through the groups or alliances formed.

Game mod:

The game version, Marvel: Contest of Champions 19.1.0 Apk mod is really great. There are four Mods available.

Mod 1- It is the God Mode (enemies do not attack)

Mod 2- It is the God Mode (enemies do not attack)

One hit damage

Mod 3- Enemies do not attack

Skill is always active

No rebound from the opponent

No shuffle

Mod 4- Opponent stands still and uses the skill when needed

To sum it up, the game is funfilled and has plenty of adventures to go through. It is a gamer’s favourite.

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