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The best storyline game for smartphones

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a very famous game designed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. This is one of the popular games available on the Google Play store with over 70 million plus downloads to date. This game is basically an adventure game with everyone’s favourite anime characters. If you are an anime fan, then this game is designed just for you. The game is just a misfit crew of pirates in a storyline based game.

Things you need to do in this game

Players need to join Luffy where they will be on a quest to find the ultimate one piece

Players need to explore all aspects of each chapter they will be playing to enjoy the epic storyline and the perfect ending.

Players need to complete all kinds of quests that are available in the game so that all the adventures in the game unfold.

This game has a very unpredictable and along with that also a very diverse world that all players need to explore. In this game, users will get an opportunity to recruit their own private crew and also train them. Players will be able to feature all the different characters they want and there are a lot of characters available in the game. There are right now more than 1000 characters available in the game and players also have the liberty to recreate their own battles.

There is also an intuitive battle feature available in this game which features all the different types of tap battle system which is designed to be played perfectly on your smartphone. This game will also let the players unleash all the different and unique types of attacks which will help players to go forward in the game. This game needs a lot of strategy and players need to plan their every move so that they are able to win the battles. The goal of every player is to make the strongest private crew in the seas.

This game is one of the top rated games in the Google Play Store and it is rated 4.6 out of 5 by the players. This game is updated on a regular basis and this is the reason there are no bugs available in the game. The last time this game was updated was on the 27th of July 2018 and there are almost 5,000,000 downloads of this game. Right now the game is running on version 8.2.0 and it requires Android version 4.0 or above. This game is available free of cost in the play store but there are inapp products available in the game which can help players play the game much more easily. This is one of the most exciting storyline games available for smartphones. This game is for everyone above the age of 12 and people of all age groups will be able to enjoy this game. Simply download the game so that you are able to enjoy the storyline of the game.

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