Best Websites for Free Twitter Backgrounds

If you have a Twitter account and want to make an impact you probably already know the importance of having a Twitter background.
Located behind your Twitter stream, your background is prime real estate to give additional information about yourself that can’t be contained within the small profile area. Many professionals and internet users alike have found that creating their own Twitter backgrounds can often be somewhat of a hassle.

To aid you in creating your own unique Twitter persona, the following are the best-of-the-best websites to find free Twitter backgrounds.

* *

With thousands of backgrounds and dozens of categories, offers you a wide variety of well designed Twitter backgrounds for the picking. As an additional benefit, you can even use their auto-install tool to setup your background without having to go through your account.

* FreeTwitterDesigner *

FreeTwitterDesigner is rather simple in the overall design but where it lacks in graphics it picks up in the customizable interface. With FreeTwitterDesigner, you can add in text, shapes and images to spice up an otherwise plain set of graphics.

* TwitBacks *

TwitBacks doesn’t have nearly as many backgrounds as other websites but they still pack a punch. With simple navigation, stellar designs and the ability to view backgrounds in a gallery, you can surely find what you’re looking for here.

* TwitrBackgrounds *

TwitrBackgrounds has a humungous amount of backgrounds available in nearly every type of category – absolutely free. Additionally, you can customize each background by uploading your own files – how cool!

* TwitBackgroundImages *

This simple site has only a handful of Twitter backgrounds but each is better than the next. For your choosing are many highly designed backgrounds that will instantly spice up your Twitter page.

* TweetXilla *

Another within this list of free Twitter background websites; TweetXilla offers quite a range of well designed Twitter backgrounds along with a long list of customizable features.

* Bonus: Freelance Design *

Another popular alternative and growing field in graphic design amongst freelancers has been creating customized Twitter backgrounds. Although there are no suggestions specifically, doing a quick search using your favorite search engine will display thousands of designer portfolio websites with services to create these customized Twitter backgrounds.

Prices can range but generally speaking they are rather cheap because it’s a relatively small design job. Of course, the more you pay the more unique your Twitter background can become. Choose your designer based on your own assumptions and through their work – then you’ll have a powerful and effective background!

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