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How to Block Farmville and Block Facebook Apps

If you’re not crazy about seeing hundreds of posts from facebook games every day, you can easily block Farmville and other facebook apps.
While Facebook can be a good way to waste time, it has some annoying features. If you have friends who use too many apps, flooding your page, you may be tempted to block them.

If you want to block the games and apps, but not completely block your friend, use this simple method. This method can be used to block Farmville and any other app.

– Simply hover over an unsavory post. You will see an “X” appear to the right of your friend’s name.
– Click the “X.” A drop down menu will appear.
– Click on the button that says “Hide all by [app name].”
– Repeat this process for every game or app you want to block.

You can now enjoy a home screen free of clutter, making facebook a more enjoyable experience.

If you wish to hide posts from a particular friend, use this same process, but click “Hide all by [friend’s name].”

Click the picture at the top right of this article for a visual example.

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