A Brief & Effective Guide to Weight Loss and Diet Plans

Someone once very truly said “Health is wealth”. It really is and as the New Year is approaching fast, what would be a better resolution than deciding to be healthier in the coming year. Every one of us wants to be perfectly healthy and every one of us is in the pursuit of perfect health and health is also one of the prime issues that concerns most of us. A number of diet plans and weight loss programs have been introduced over time, each of them claims to be the better than the earlier one.
So, why is the issue of weight loss still a problem in this technologically advanced world? Well! The answer is simple; the lure to eat in food doesn’t have limits! With such a wide range of mouth-watering food products available so readily, how do one get rid of those extra harmful pounds? First thing first, one needs to do some math and calculate actually how many calories of energy are right for his or her body? As we all are aware that not everyone has same metabolic rate and energy requirements, which means that following someone else’s diet would be of no use at all!

After you are done with the calorie calculations, follow one simple rule, which is applicable to each one of us, eat at least five servings of raw vegetables and fruits a day, these raw foods fill one faster and also prevent one from overeating at meal times. Before we continue any further, I must talk about the importance of Breakfast. Often rushing to work during morning prevents most of us from having a good breakfast, which has sadly become a commonly seen trend in the town residents. A number of scientific studies have shown that skipping breakfast may lead to obesity and also that breakfasts are better at controlling one’s weight. Some people believe that by skipping breakfast or meals for the matter, they can loose their weight, which is simply wrong, whereas the truth is whenever one skips meals, the body has to slow down the rate of metabolism to compensate for the lack of food and which in turn causes one to eat more during the next meal.

Another golden rule about weight control is Moderation, which means if you feel like having a chocolate, moderate yourself and limit to one piece or two at the max.Obesity is an official disease in London, In United States more than 70 million people are obese, and 30 million of them are highly obese and are at a point of no-return. So, it is evident that obesity is a serious issue and we need to tackle it correctly, so choose to live a healthier lifestyle. If you have the will and the determination and if you follow the steps outlined above, I guarantee that you will achieve all your goals easily and effectively.

So, if weight loss is in your New Year resolution list, follow the above step to have an exact resolution for yourself. Also, I recommend that instead o having it as a “weight loss” resolution, let it be “healthy lifestyle” resolution and also define to yourself in numbers, about how many pounds you wish to loose.

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