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Very often, in our day to day lives, we tend to get bored of the monotonous lifestyle. We look for an escape, a chance to do something t=different than our usual activities, something that is not entirely us. Rather, we look for a new definition, a new lifestyle and sometimes, we go to the extreme to transform our lives on the whole and become a new character, with major consequences. Well, that was the serious part, for, now you can play out your characters and different identities in the virtual game world of Choices: The Stories You Play. The game was developed by Pixelberry Studios and is available on Android and iOS devices. It is a virtual mobile game for all ages.

What is the game ‘Choices’ all about?

The game involves a player to make choices; it could be for anything, primarily depending on the usual lifestyle and then going to a whole new direction. In the game of ‘Choices’, a player can embark on epic fantasies, fall in love with new people, solve various crimes and go on adventures they only dream of.

What are the top three choices to make in the game of ‘Choices’?

The freshman: This choice or mode of the game is quite fun filled and exciting. The mode is set in the fictional Hartfield University. Here, a player can engage with other players and make new friends. Some friends last for life while some just for the day. Also, a player can look for true love in the game. Characters like the bookish, nerdy guy named James, the partygoer Kaitlyn or one could choose to date the football hero, Chris. The best part, a player can date all three at once.

The crown and the flame: This mode is filled with adventures and sublime conflicts. Here, the enemies steal a player’s belongings and kingdom. Therefore, the player will have to prepare and go into a conflict in order to regain what is truly his, from the clutches of the enemy. A player needs to raise an army, master magic and use it to reclaim the throne.

The most wanted villain: This mode in the game involves two great anti-crime characters, the nononsense Texas Marshal and the Hollywood detective. Both are thrown into the same case of stopping and catching a deranged hitman. The motive is to capture him and you win.

Are there any mods for the game?

There are multiple mods to the game to earn diamonds and other special features. The latest version of the Choices Mod is the 2.3.5 version. This version gives a player access to unlimited money, diamonds and unlimited keys for decision making. With a large amount of money, one can make various choices and proceed further into the game.

To sum it up, the game is one hell of a choice making a virtual world with tons of options. With premium choices that can be made through the Choices, Mod is the best one so far. All you need to do is download and run the Apk, that all that is needed. After that, you will have it all.

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