Clash of Clans Guide – Beginners Guide for first 48 hours

You might have played too many games, but it may look impossible to find games like Clash of Clans. This game comes under the category of strategy game, and if you are a beginner to it, then you may face some difficulties. Through Clash of Clans Guide, you can get to know about the possible ways through which you can make your strategy and can play. You can see lively that your friend may be playing this game for too long and there are chances that you want to compete with your friend. By following Guides, you can make your gameplay comfortable and can get the ideas to clear levels without any worry.

What all you need to do in these 48 hours Gameplay?

Firstly, you should be sure to view tutorials that game provides to you at the beginning. If you have not done the tutorial and started playing a game, then you should know that you don’t have to spend your gems on fast construction but wait so that they can do so on their own. By leaving construction line on them, you can save your gems and can collect more coins automatically. Further, you should be sure to not to deploy all the wizards but place them to next to a cannon. These are some of the basics that you have to consider at the beginnings.

What to do next! Upgrade your resource collection for next 48 hours like Gold Mines, Elixir collection with resource storage like Elixir storage and Gold storage. Upgrade it maximum if possible so that you can collect as it can help you a lot after 48 hours. You should take some note some points like you should upgrade your collection from low to high. You get a 3-day shield at the beginning so you don’t need to buy all that defense walls and guards as it will not work for the few days. You should be sure that you are not upgrading 2nd gold and elixir storage but wait for some weeks.

What are “do’s” at the beginning?

Upgrade your elixir and gold collection as maximum as possible until you get to the level 5. For an active player, it is not difficult to reach the level 5 at the beginning

If you are planning to fight, then you should be sure that you are struggling with goblins on single player campaign as it can be your good income for the next two to three day

These are some of the Clash of Clans Guide.

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