Clash of Clans Strategies – Keep it simple for winning your part

If you are the one who is not familiar with the game clash of clans then you don’t need to worry, its game in which you have to build the forts for which you need the gold as well as elixir based resources. The Buildings can also be dragged and dropped where ever you want to place, But for making new building or for upgrading any existing building the players have to collect the resources periodically through the day via mines or by doing loot attacks. Moreover, this game is based on an empire which you have to save from the attack of the opponents. There to win the game you need Clash of Clans Strategies that make your game easy. There player has to earn the trophies when they are in the race of multiplayer.

This game sounds simple and easy to play, but the truth is just alternate. This game needs a sharpen mind that can check out the game well and make out the strategies so that they can play the game well.

Here we are generally going to discuss some of the basic Clash of Clans Strategies while you are playing this game:

Be patient and save gems in the game

The main warning with this game is any casual free; there to play this game premium currency system is used. There in the game, a timer is set as much as you make progress in the game as much the time increases. Therefore don’t spend your gems in the on the cave or speeding up the production in the game. Focus to complete the achievements and even clear the natural obstacles for increasing your gem count.

Shields up!

In the game getting attacks definitely irritated you this disturbs your concentration. This you never want, somehow in the game when the 30% town gets destroyed or the town hall comes down crumbling then you got the 12 hours shield. Even if 90% base get wiped out, then you will receive the four hour extra, how you will use this thing to the best. There you don’t have to think much just start attacking this use to cancel out the shield suddenly and saves you much valuable time in the game.

Just like these use small Clash of Clans Strategies this will help you in catching the biggest achievements in the game. Stay active while playing this game your small mistake may cause you to face the big loss in the game. Do the appropriate use of the gems and coins in the game, don’t waste your time in just building town go ahead and hit something bigger.

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