How to Create an Internet Book

Creating your own eBook is one of the first steps to creating your own information product to begin making money through your website. Distilling your knowledge into the form of text (through an eBook) allows you to build authority and opens new opportunities to extend your online brand well beyond the borders of your website.
Considering writing your own eBook? Use the following step from start to finish taking your thoughts and transpose them into your own work.

Step 1: Decide on your eBook subject

The first step of creating your eBook begins with an idea. The idea of your eBook can come from your own passions or subjects you already talk about on your website or interests.

Besides choosing your subject you must also understand if your market truly wants your work; research on existing marketplaces to find what people want to read and are willing to by – then begin processing your thoughts for your eBook.

Step 2: Begin writing (no editing yet)

With your idea in mind and market research done, begin writing your eBook. Your eBook doesn’t have to be lengthy as long as it’s packed full of great information. The point of step 2 is to write as much information down as possible; don’t edit at this time as it’s important to get everything out first.

Step 3: Edit your eBook (include media)

After you’ve completed the rough draft of your book, go back through line by line to make sure everything makes sense. Add additional media to your eBook to increase the interactivity of your work: graphs, pictures, and videos, audio – anything you believe will add additional value to your eBook is sure to include it.

To go a step further, pass off your eBook to a trained editor so they can go through with a fine comb; you may need to pay for editing work but it will polish your work to a professional level.

Step 4: Package your eBook

Upon review of your final draft, you’ll now need to package your eBook. Along with the actual copy you plan to help promote your work, create an enticing cover that will garner additional clicks – remember, people often judge books by their cover and an eBook is no different.

Additionally, you could go a step further by adding additional media such as audio recordings of your eBook or a set of videos to go along with the entire package; larger packages give people a larger perception of value.

Step 5: List it online

Finally, once you’re satisfied with your eBook, it’s time to take it online. Using your own website or marketplaces, list your eBook and be sure to promote it using any means of online marketing available to you. If you aim for sales, creating great copy that entices people to buy.

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