How to Create Stationery Paper in Microsoft Works

This tutorial will show you how to create stationery paper in Microsoft Works. You can create Valentine’s Stationery Paper, Christmas Stationery Paper, and more. There are nine stationery papers to choose from. This tutorial will show you how to open the task launcher of Microsoft Works and how to select your stationery paper. You will also learn how to print the stationery paper. Let’s start out by opening the Task Launcher.
How to Open Your Microsoft Works Task Launcher

Your Microsoft Works folder is located in your Start gt; All Programs menu. So, click Start gt; All Programs and look for the Microsoft Works folder. Hover over the folder and click the Task Launcher in the menu that expands. Once you click the Task Launcher a window will open and you will see your options across the top of the window.

Selecting Your Template Options in Microsoft Works Task Launcher

At the top of your Task Launcher, you will see the Templates button. Click that button to open your templates. The template categories will be opened on the left side of your window. This is where you will select the templates available for your stationery options. On the left side, look for the Letters and Labels button and click it. On the right side of the window, you will see different options. Click the Stationery button to view the different stationery available.

Selecting and Creating Your Stationery Paper in Microsoft Works

Next, you will need to select your stationery paper. You can click the thumbnails to view the larger version of the stationery. Once you have found the stationery you want to use, click it and click the Use This Style link above it.

That will open your stationery in a new Microsoft Works window. When the window opens, you will see the stationery you chose. You can type what you want on the paper and then print it. You can also print it and hand write on it. To print it and hand write on it, click File gt; Print. Print as many copies as you want. To type your letter in Microsoft Works and print it, go ahead and type what you want. Change your settings to what you want and then click File gt; Print and print your stationery paper.

To create more stationery paper, go back to the task launcher and repeat the steps above. You will need to start from selecting the Letters and Labels button on the left of the Task Launcher and then going from there.

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