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Dawn of Titans Mod: Everything you must know

This strategy game is virtually perfect for mobiles- it has simple controls where players can enjoy quick battles. So be prepared to make tiny soldiers, hundreds of them, go into battles and swing swords or fire arrows with a Titan alongside them.

Developed by Zynga, it was based around the concept of a “Starbucks line test” which the CEO Tirsten Reil describes as something you would be playing while being in line for coffee.


The action takes place in a distant fantasy world where giant beings known as Titans have returned after not being seen for centuries.

There’s a lot of lore and storytelling which is a great way to immersive yourself in the game.


The battles look impressive and the graphics are undoubtedly high end. So much so that, this game might be the best NaturalMotion has churned out in quite some time (or ever).

The titan designs are also great.

The spells crash into the ground with a satisfying explosive sound.

When hundreds of little soldiers all running around on-screen at the same time, it looks really impressive. You can also pan the camera around to see what your Titan is up to and catch every detail.


But the major uptick is the fact that you will get to lead these titans alongside an army into war.

You have to select you titan and troops. Then you will give them marching orders.

The controls are pretty intuitive- you will just have to tap on a unit and then tap on where you want to reach.

Once the battle begins, however, the troops and Titans will attack their own. It’s a treat to watch the whole action unfold.

You can employ new strategies by dropping magical fireballs on your targeted enemies.

Each battle is fought out within a short span of time.

Overall, as was said, it requires just enough attention span to keep yourself briskly engaged but not enough that you will have to stay vigilant. Perfect to get coffee as said.

The player gets to play a single player campaign

But there are also good multiplayer components as well, where you will be able to team up and form alliances with other players.


The gameplay might look impressive but Dawn Of Titans also has some frustrating elements like the fact that apart from combat, one just builds up a kingdom which is an arduous and boring process. Why?

Because you need barracks to train your troops

Have farms to feed your soldiers

All this needs to be constantly upgraded which will cost you time and money.

Getting new titan characters is like a lottery system where you just throw in your game currency and hope for a cool character.

While Dawn Of Titans brings something new which is favourable for a quick game which will relax your mind, but on the other hand, the game is undoubtedly riddled with in-app purchases (just like most free- to- play games) along with a confusing scenario.

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