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DC Legends: Battle for Justice is that one game we DC Comic lovers vouch for!

If you are a nineties kids then you know the value and fan frenzy related to the Justice League cartoon show by DC Comics that gave kids life. Every kid back then never missed out on the daily show that aired. However, we could never get enough of it. Also, nineties kids had that tingling feeling at the back of their head to play out the game in real. Dressing up like the characters in handmade costumes was the best thing to do. Back then video games meant playing the Game Boy and the Nintendo. However, we all missed out on the graphical version of our favourite characters in the game. Fortunately though, now times have changed, especially in the gaming arena, with developers coming out with the best games possible. It was no surprise when the DC Legends: Battle for Justice was introduced. The game has been a new lease to the nineties kids who have been in love with DC Comics. Also, kids from the 20th century are no less of a fan. In recent years, everyone seems to have grasped onto the fan fever of the DC Legends.


The gameplay of the DC Legends:

The gameplay is just like the cartoon show and the DC Comics, with minor changes in the storyline. Here, both the forces, heroes, and villains, have joined forces to overcome and defeat their common enemy Nekron, who threatens to destroy everything that lives.

The list of characters in the game:




Black Canary

Blue Beetle








Harley Quinn


Wonder woman, etc

The list of the characters in the DC Legends game is quite vast for they have all the characters making appearances in the game series.

The list of teams in the DC Legend game:

Batman Family

Suicide Squad

Demon Knights

Justice league

Justice league dark




White lantern corps

Team 7, etc

The list of teams in the DC Legends game franchise too is quite long.

The main antagonists in the game franchise of the DC Legends: Battle for Justice is the Black Lantern Corps, Nekron, and Manhunters.

There are various other characters, locations, items and allies that appear in the game apart from those mentioned above. All in one make it one good game to play.

Mods for the game:

The latest and best mod if the DC Legends: Battle for Justice v1.21.2 .apk. This new update has females taking over the league.

Wonder girl has Amazonian powers to unleash on her enemies

The Teen Titans are led by Starfire, to fight

Villain Giganta towers over all the heroes

Gameplay is enhanced

Fixes to many characters like Kid Flash, Poison Ivy, Red Robin, Doctor Poison,

Clay Face, etc

Players can win instantly on a revenge attack

High dosage of chaos and damages

To sum it up, the new mod has levelled the game up and is giving major goals. DC Legends has upped its game, have you?

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