“DC Universe” First Impressions

Is “DC Universe” your typical MMO? Well if you look at the comparisons between it and others of its class you might have a hard time seeing how it stacks up. Two of the major games in its category are”City of Heroes/Villains” and “Champions Online”. You will find some major differences in playing these games and playing “DC Universe.”
DC Universe Character Customization

“DC Universe” really did away with the thousands of customization possibilities for your character. There are templates you can use to “clone” your character after a pre-existing superhero such as Batman or Superman. This feature has its pros and cons. Those who love spending as long as it takes to personally customize their character, the simplified customization will be a bit of a letdown. But for those who just want to jump into the game, it’s going to be a relief.

DC Universe Storyline

Creating your character is a major part of the story line which “DC Universe” really got right. The story behind and throughout the game is very rich. Many other MMO’s simply tell you to repeatedly collect X item to gain Y armor. This has more depth to it. Armor and weapons are another addition to “DC Universe” that players will be surprised about. As you kill enemies, you collect gear that you can put on that will change the appearance of your character.

DC Universe Platforms and Gameplay

“DC Universe” is not just for the PC but for the PS3 as well. That means that gamers on the PC can use a game controller to play or their typical mouse and keyboard setup. Since “DC Universe” is capable of being played on the PS3 with a controller, the combat system is different than your standard MMO. Auto attacking is done by clicking the left or right mouse buttons and abilities are used by your typical number selection. The game mechanics are a lot different than that of your other MMO’s and players will find that learning to target and attack enemies will take a bit of getting used to.

For gamers who enjoy “World of Warcraft” or “Everquest,” “DC Universe” might not be the type of game they want to play. If you’re looking for a change of pace with a game that’s fresh and has a good storyline, then “DC Universe” is definitely one you’ll want to check out.


Early interactions playing the game

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