Divinity II: Ego Draconis – Understanding Stats

In every RPG there are a few things which are common and easily understandable. But, when they get a a few extra additions it seems a bit difficult to understand their purpose or their use. So, here is a guide to explain the stats in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.
Strength helps you manage you melee attack, it also governs your resistance to melee attacks and looks after your HP regeneration. It also affects Strong Body.

It helps you manage your ranged damage, it also increases your resistance to ranged attacks and Enhanced Reflexes.

Manages you magic damage and your resistance to the same. Looks after you MP regeneration and boosts your Indominable Will.

Helps you increase you HP Pool.

Helps you increase your MP Pool.

Strong Body:
Reduces the damage from skills like, Fireball, Firewall, Poison Arrows, Bleeding Cut and Polymorph. Important for Warrior Class.

Enhanced Reflexes:
Looks after your critical hit, it increases the chance of critical hit and also adds extra damage to a critical hit. Important for Ranger Class.

Indominale Will:
It looks after you magical resistance, it protects you from skills like Surprise Attack, Curse, Fear, Stunning Arrows and Polymorph. Important for Mage Class.

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