The Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can be a great way to bring traffic to your own website/blog, show your expertise to a new community and say “thank you” to a fellow website owner / blogger. Although blog commenting is simple in nature, many people do make many mistakes which not only come across as amateur but also spam.
If you use blog commenting within your own strategy to drive traffic, build authority or connect with other bloggers than you’ll want to know these do’s and don’ts of blog commenting.

• Do: Leave a very helpful comment

Comments should not only respond to information detailed in the post but also provide additional information to the rest of the community. Telling your own take on the post and adding additional information will help show your expertise and increase the chance a fellow reader follows through your link to your own blog.

• Don’t: Leave a short, uninspired comment

Short comments like “thanks” and “nice!” do nothing to add information to a blog post and will come across as spam. Avoid leaving short responses because it will make you look like an amateur and give nothing worthwhile to the blog’s community.

• Do: Raise additional questions and answers

Bloggers try their best to provide the best possible content within their posts but being human, they can miss out on a few questions and answers. In your own comments, leave questions and answers to the blogger and others so the conversation continues well beyond just the post.

• Don’t: Cause trouble for the sake of trouble

Don’t cause trouble just for the sake of enticing anger in the blogger or the blog’s community. Trying to pick a fight with someone online by leaving hurtful comments will create a bad image for you and add no true value to the conversation.

• Do: Link back to your own website or blog

When blog commenting, always remember to link back to your own blog so if someone does find your comment helpful they will be able to find your content and leave a comment on your blog.

• Don’t: Spam your links to your site

Blog commenting is a great way to build links to your own website but don’t go as far as to use it just to spam your link. Always be on your best behavior; never spam blog comments.


Blog commenting is a very rewarding activity when you’re active within a blogging community. Don’t make the same mistakes made by many others; always provide great information, answer questions, show your expertise and connect with your fellow blogger – that’s the secret to blog commenting success.

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