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How to download Naruto X Boruto for iOS

What is Naruto X Boruto?

For those of you who do not know. Naruto is a character from a Japanese comic. He is a rather dynamic and active teenager from the Leaf Village. It is Naruto’s dream to become the master of magic. Naruto was orphaned at birth and during the time, a monster named Gumiho was inflicting serious harm to the people in Leaf Village. Hence, the leader of the village had this monster sealed into Naruto’s body. This is the main background story leading up to the game.


The Naruto X Boruto offers a very immersive and captivating gameplay. It is a role-playing action game filled with a large number of tactical elements. The main task of the players is to put up a fight with the enemies by using the controls and saving the character from getting into traps laid down by the enemy. Each and every enemy thrown along the way should be dealt with in order to progress further into the game. Furthermore, the gates in Naruto X Boruto close after a limited time, thus making it even more difficult to the players to pass through.

The players are also allowed the option of inviting other co-players while taking down strong opponents. You can make use of the magical attack skills, the manual attack skills or a combination of both while fighting the enemies. If you have enough POW, you can also use the most powerful skill available in the game. Your strategies for attack should depend on the enemy that you are fighting and their respective skills.

How to download Naruto X Boruto for iOS?

Naruto X Boruto has been officially released and is not available for download. Not sure How to download Naruto X Boruto for iOS? Well, you do not have to do much. You can simply check in to the Apple store and search Naruto X Boruto. The steps on How to download Naruto X Boruto for iOS are very simple, and the download is completed in just a matter of minutes.

After the installation, open an account for yourself and make sure you do not give away your username and password. Since it is present in the apple store, you can make the download from there right away. It is as easy as that. Now that you know How to download Naruto X Boruto for iOS, you can get it on your device and start off with the fascinating gameplay right away.

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