Dungeoneering: Introduction

The skill “Dungeoneering” was added to Runescape on April 12, 2010. It was a very unique addition, because unlike every other skill already in game, a player’s Dungeoneering level maxed out at 120, rather than the traditional 99. The series of randomly generated dungeons constitute a new area, known as “Daemonheim”.
Items obtained while dungeoneering cannot be taken outside of a dungeon, and items from the outside world may not be taken into a dungeon, due to the evil “taint” present in the dungeon. This makes Daemonheim isolated from the rest of Runescape. Inside the dungeon players will have to make their own weapons, armor, food, runes, potions, etc. Nearly every item in Daemonheim is unique to the area, and cannot be obtained elsewhere in Runescape making the Dungeoneering skill one of the biggest updates in Runescape.

The skill consists of venturing through a series of randomly generated dungeons, gaining an experience reward as well as tokens at the end of each dungeon. The dungeons get progressively deeper until floor 60, which is at the very bottom (and requires a Dungeoneering level of 119 to access). As players venture deeper, monsters become tougher and more vicious, puzzle rooms make the dungeon more challenging, and bosses get progressively harder. The primary goal of each dungeon is to find the boss and kill him, and then the staircase to the next floor will be revealed.

Another unique feature of the skill is the ability to play with up to four friends. When playing as a team, players will receive more experience, faster training, and more fun. It is actually encouraged to explore as a team. Even with friends to help, dungeoneering is a big challenge. Not only that, but it is by far the most complex skill, and many players that are unfamiliar with the skill will try to take shortcuts that can end up sacrificing a lot of potential experience. It is important for a player to understand prestige, puzzle rooms, and the rewards for a beneficial dungeoneering experience.

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