How To: Easy Fix for LG USB Driver Problems

After reviewing my new LG Decoy I have run into a problem that appears to be very common for new LG phones and Windows Vista. The problem is that Vista cannot properly auto install drivers for the phones so that you can sync music and other things. Luckily I conducted some research and found a workaround that allows you almost totally control your phone from your vista computer.
First off, you should point your browser to these websites to download BitPim and the latest LG driver.

BitPim – Select your operating system (Windows Vista)

LG Drivers – after selecting your carrier and phone click on the usb cable driver button to download

First install the latest driver for your phone. Once that is done you need to install BitPim. From there, simply connect your cell to the computer, run BitPim, and enjoy manipulating your LG cell phone. Your contacts, the calendar, and many other features are all at your fingertips.

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