Elegy for Pirate Chronicles

Wanting to try a new browser type of game, I came across Pirate Chronicles just at the end of its Open Beta. Open Beta for the game ended on June 7, 2010. All Pirate Chronicle servers closed on December 30, 2010. I played throughout its short existence.
Well, as you can tell from the name, Pirate Chronicles was a pirate type of game, where you played the leader of your own group of pirates. You start off on some small island with a few pirates and a few resources. There were some quests that helped you build up your pirate base, but the quests were not set up in any kind of order.

One of the things that probably killed the game was the rate at which resources were generated on your pirate base. The rate was so low, that it was hard to do anything without waiting for a long period of time. So, people had to figure out ways to supplement their pirate base income so that they could actually build up their bases and pirate fleets. Those who figured out how to play the game, started the game at launch, and managed to build up their pirate base and fleets had a tremendous advantage over any new comers. One of the best ways that some people thought of gaining resources was to plunder the resources from other players. This probably encouraged the plundered people to quit playing the game all together.

There was a small beginner’s protection period that probably ended too soon for any one new to the game. You could make guilds in the game, but it didn’t seem to be of much value other than giving people a different place to chat in. The guilds did not even stop someone in your own guild from attacking members of their own guild. Someone got booted from the guild I was in, since they just used the guild to find people to raid.

The Dark Sea was an interesting idea and was broken in the beginning of the game. You were supposed to be able to trade honor for health in the Dark Sea and that was eventually fixed. By visiting the Dark Sea, you could sometimes find better equipment for your pirate.

The Arena was pirate versus pirate and you could fight any pirate that was listed above your rank even if they were offline. If you managed to get the first rank, you couldn’t fight any one in the arena until someone beat you and lowered your rank. The Arena was basically the place where you gained honor which you could then trade for other stuff in the game. I usually don’t associate honor with pirates, but that was the term that the game used.

Another thing that probably killed the game was there was no good help resources on playing the game itself. While playing the game, I tried to look for useful information about the game, but really couldn’t find any. I usually can find something about most games if they have been around for awhile, but there was nothing really useful that I could find about Pirate Chronicles.

After playing the game for awhile, it became really boring to play. There really wasn’t that much to do in the game. I noticed that a lot of people got fed up with playing the game and quit before the game finally shut down. I knew that the game was in trouble when no one was chatting. In the beginning of its existence, some people would chat and the game felt sort of alive.

What is sort of sad, is if you look on the main page of the game, it says “Free to play Forever”, which I guess is not true since they shut the game servers down.

Well, it was an okay game to play for awhile, but I guess I’ll just have to look for something else.

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