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Embark On New Adventures with Marvel Avengers Academy

Since the time of its release the Marvel Avengers Academy is taking the app store by storm. However, not all of its features have been disclosed yet. But it is surely a big thing for all the Marvel fans all across the world. You can experience your favourite Marvel Avenger characters in a way that you have never seen them before. In the game, you are allowed to build up your very own Super Hero Academy and play as your favourite Avenger character. The characters are reimagined as students and developing their superhero powers. In this article, we are going to look into some of the important features of the game.

Features of Marvel Avengers Academy- Here are some of the things and features that you will find in the game

Discovering a new Avenger’s world: One of the most interesting things about the game is that you will find all your favourite Marvel Avengers characters as young adults in the game. You will witness the heroes in an avatar that you have never seen before. You can play as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America and more. Each of the characters in the game is voiced by some big start. The list of voice actors includes John Cena, Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Asap Rocky, Priyanka Chopra and more. It’s an all-star voice cast.

Battle it out with the villains: In the game, you can power-up your team and send them to battle. In the game, you can also develop the powers of your heroes and villains in the Super Hero Academy. The game also allows you to upgrade the powers of the character. You can also strengthen your team with all the power-ups found in the game.

New adventures: The game is known to provide you with epic battle adventures and missions which you need to complete. You can also interact with the other Marvel characters in the game whenever required. You can get introduced to new quests and storylines when you participate in events.

Build your dream academy: In the game, you can also build your dream superhero academy with classrooms, dorms, labs and much more for your favourite Marvel characters. You can fill the campus of your Super Hero Academy with sports, training facilities, stadiums and much more.

Important Information- Here is some important information regarding the new Marvel Avengers Academy game

Marvel along with TinyCo which is a mobile video game developer has announced on Thursday that they are going to launch Marvel Avengers Academy.

This is going to be an epic new game where players are free to play their favourite Marvel Avenger character.

Each of the characters in the game has given a never-seen-before outfit. Players can also control the characters and the villains in the game and do things like sending them on a date etc.

From the above discussion, we get a clear idea about all the things that we can expect from the new game Marvel Avengers Academy.


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