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Essential Tips You Need to Know While Playing Last Day on Earth Survival Mod

Once you want to buy a smartphone, you check the memory as an essential feature. After all, you will download games and play at your leisure. People are fond of playing games on their phone. If you buy an Android phone, you will have Google Play store for downloading numerous types of apps and games; the same thing you can do from Apple Store if you have iPhone. Now, there are certain games which are really grabbing the attention of the gamers. Last Day on the Earth Survival Mod is one of such games that are gaining players’ attention the most. Now, the matter is, surrounded by zombies, other players and elements, you need to ensure your survival in the game. For that, you need to follow certain tips and tricks. Here, you will get some that will help you to survive longer in the game.

Gather and Craft- The First Thing to Do in the Game

Are you a beginner? You may get a bit confused at the starting point. What you can do the best is to get familiar with the machines of the game and know how to craft things. For crafting, you need to gather materials in the first two in-game days. There is the house plot from where you can gather more materials and get the experience of killing zombies and gathering materials. The more you craft, the more points you will earn. These will help you to level up and unlock new recipes.

You Also Need to Craft Items for Your House

In the beginning, you need to build a simple house. As you level up, you should upgrade your building and make a 3*3 house. While building a house, you will need to start from the floors, then comes the walls and finally the stories of your building. To build everything, you will need logs. Basically, you will need a pine log for each build up. Once you build up each part of your house, you will gain more points. There are more things where crafting would be needed. Like, you will need a Campfire that improves the quality of your food. There is also the Small Box that will help you to store more items and secure them from being stolen by other players.

Add a Door to Your Home

Though it seems very simple and easy to install, it is a very important tip to follow while playing this game. You definitely don’t want your house to be ransacked by other players or the zombies. So, a door has to be there. And a door cannot be broken without a C4 explosive. So, you can secure your house with a simple one.

These are the basic tips you get for playing last Day on Earth Survival Mod. There are more essentials that will help you to play the game. Once you download it, you will get the guideline. Follow it and you can proceed well in this game.

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