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Everything you need to know about the game Pocket Knights 2

Pocket Knights 2 is an amazing threedimensional ARPG game, developed and published by the Pitaya Network Limited. It is about exploring hundreds of quests and if filled with fun adventures. Players are expected to craft powerful gear to increase ones might and assemble legendary heroes to fight against horrible bosses. Players are to plunder hidden treasures buried in the battlefields, expand the magical and mysterious regions and vanquish the opponents. In addition, to which, a player can also engage in PvP that is player v/s player gaming/interaction. They can challenge other players to combat with them in the game. There are various Pocket Knights 2 strategies that players can learn about before playing the game. However, if not then the players can learn from the game while playing it. One just has to be wary and mark the movements of the enemies.

The subheading for the Pocket Knights 2 states a very peculiar, funny aspect. It tells us about the Monkey King, who comes from the Magic World. He is described to be a clever and naughty Monkey King with dignity and bravery to fight for freedom. The character, protagonist, Monkey King introduces himself in the game by saying, ‘I am not a fairy, I am the Monkey King’. It is cute and gives a beginner a basic characteristic of his existence in the game.

The skills and its effects:

The Rocking Strike

This skill in the Pocket Knights 2 game is about dealing with physical damage, seven times more than the nearby enemies. It is an endurance skill. In addition, when casting, the moving speed increases by thirty percent and provides immunity to all the control skills.

The Flexibility skill

This skill in the Pocket Knights 2 game increases the attack power of the player, the character of Monkey King.

The Shadowy Speed

This skill is used for erasing enemies in front with a fifty percent chance to smite. It reduces the targets HP that is healed by thirty percent. It lasts for up to ten seconds.

The Shifting Galaxy skill

This skill is used to inflict seven times the damage done by enemies, back to them when in front. It leeches fifty percent HP and gains immunity to control skills when casting.

Tips to play and go ahead in the Pocket Knights 2 game:

Create your character before you begin to play the game. It is the most basic and relevant aspect to follow in the game.

Please note that if you are to avail of the special skills provided by the game, use it wisely. One must carefully make use of them and most importantly, know when to use them.

The gameplay includes collecting heroes apart from the basic combat. It is important for a player to collect as many heroes as possible for they will help you survive in the game during combat.

If you have a Facebook account or can possibly invite friends, it will help you gain extra bonus points. It works like the referral system, as one is rewarded with necessities, in the game for making outside engagements.

If you are a beginner, go ahead with the game and play it wisely. It is important to know when to strike and when to dodge. Learn the tips and tricks of the game before you go on the virtual battlefield.

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