Fan of playing a doctor? Here is the best game for you, My Hospital

As kids, we would role play as different characters, inspired by people from day to day lives and from media. Upon growing up, we realize that playing is not an option anymore. That is when we begin to role play in our daily lives at our jobs and workplaces. To the fortunate most, some do become their favourite character they had role played. The most prominent and lovable character was to play of a doctor and treat their room as a hospital. Well, thanks to the My Hospital simulation game, gamers have really taken to roleplaying and managing a hospital. It is the healthiest game available to us.

Gameplay: It is a basic ideology that the game has. The title itself suggests the gameplay behind it. In this game, there has to be teamwork for everyone will have to save lives and run a hospital efficiently. In order to do so, they will need to acquire medicines, equipment’s, rooms and many other things required to run a hospital and treat patients correctly. The gameplay of My Hospital is based on alternating production. That is the healing cycles, which allows a gamer to progress through hospital levels and unlock more, advanced features. These various features that unlock on different levels provide more opportunities to help in and outpatients. The gameplay is basically about building and managing a hospital for treating virtual patients.

The arena: The game, My Hospital is based on an open arena with the hospital being the main building. It includes the Reception area, Doctor Rooms, Diagnostics Rooms, Treatment Rooms for ill patients and decoration in and out of the building.

There are a number of doctor rooms, and various other rooms for treatment in the game, each specializing in a particular field of medicinal treatment. The rooms are named with the basic words, like of the body parts to be treated, for easier navigation during the game.

The doctor rooms are:

Head doctor room

Tummy doctor room

Appetite doctor room

Skin doctor room

Fever doctor room

Sleep doctor room

Lung doctor room

ADHD doctor room

Nose doctor room

The diagnosis room:


Lung Testing Station

Ultrasound Station

Laser Scanner

MRI Scanner

There is a courtyard in the game arena that houses various places that have the required facilities needed for playing the game. The Labs, Gardens, etc are here.

Game mod: The game’s latest version is the best mod one can find. The version My Hospital 1.1.73 Apk is giving gamers a whale of a time playing. There is unlimited money, unlimited coins and also hearts available from the mod. With the help of the mod building and managing a hospital has become way more fun. You can now:

Decorate your hospital the way you wish

Build your hospital with better rooms for patients, diagnostic, doctors etc

Play with friends by inviting them over social media

Create your unique cures for the ailments

One cannot argue over how fun and quirky the game is. It is funfilled and creative to play while curing people and managing an entire hospital.

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