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Fight the zombies in War Z with excellent troops

We all have played the game that is known to be really hard. So the Last Empire that is the War Z is an MMORTS game which you can play on your Android or iOS platform devices and it is a game where the entire theme is of zombie. So you will have the goal of building a very productive and powerful city that will join with other alliances and will exchange troops for battling against the zombie attackers. The zombie apocalypse is a very popular concept so whenever you are in a field with them even if it’s a game still it is very thrilling.

Resources: Resources are very important when you are playing a game and where you are living in the world after the post-apocalyptic and resource are considered to be very scarce.

Upgrades: This game will make you do a lot of upgrading. You can easily tap on the tab on the screen for checking the quest. There will be a red x on the things that will be needing the upgradation first so in this way you will know what are the things that need an update in the base.

Alliances: In order to fight against zombies you will need to join with alliances. If you are involving yourself with an inactive or bad alliance then it will make you suffer a lot of loss. So make sure that you are opting for an alliance with a good history and chat with them to check whether they are active and are in daily donations. You will also have to make some donations in order to build a new territory for helping others as well as for your growth.

Scouting: Before you are involving yourself to attack any zombie camp make sure you are scouting the A and checking the resources as well as the vehicles, troops, and weapons which the opponent is having. In this way, you will check whether you are sufficient enough to kill them.

Food production: The troops will take the food every hour so you will need more foods so make sure that the farms are highly upgraded as well as the oil wells and the resource producers. You can produce a huge number of troops that you want but make sure that you are having enough food production for catering the needs.

Caring the troops: Your troops may suffer injuries and casualties after performing in the battle or raiding. The casualties will be replaced and the injured will be given a lot of time for healing. So make sure that your base is having hospitals that are well equipped so whenever the troops are injured you can easily keep them there.

Having welltrained troops are very important because you will be fighting insane opponents that are the zombies. Having a good relationship with the alliance is important because they will help you to kill the zombies. Concentrate on making resources because if you fail in providing the troops with enough foods then they won’t be able to defeat the zombies.

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