How to Fill Out Forms Automatically (using Autofill Forms)

There are tons of websites we visit everyday, ranging from blogs, forums, to full fledged portals. Filling out their forms is an annoying task. I, like everybody, hate filling their long boring forms. I mean everyday I have at least one new site to register to. While most of the time I avoid them just because I gotta fill a form before, sometimes I do take some pains to register.
So last week, I started a hunt for some pieces of blessing softwares that could get myself out from this “form-o-phobia “. Here comes in the star of the article, Autofill Forms. This a little nifty Firefox extension that does exactly what its name suggests; Fills form automatically. It is available at

Once downloaded, I started to explore this small but powerful form filling extension. It has tons of features to play with. I saw a pencil button near the address bar. To start with, I went through TOOLS gt;ADD-ONS gt;EXTENSIONS gt;Autofill Forms gt;OPTIONS. The options box opened and, I saw another form desperately waiting to be filled. But I had to fill it just that later I don’t have to get my fingers typing. Fill out everything in the form whatever you want this extension to fill for you. Then Save it.

There are different sets of username-password-email combinations I use on the Internet for different tasks, some for personal use, and some for office use. To adapt itself to this need, Autofill lets you create different profiles. To create a new profile, go to the Profiles tab and click Add enter the name for your new profile. Your new profile initially will be a copy of your older ones. To change it, go back to the Simple tab and select your new profile from the drop down box and edit its details and hit Ok.


There are a lot of options to play around with and the more you use it, the better you get the hang of it. Of all the tons of options I will discuss a few.

· Custom Field – There are many things (fields) present in a form which are not present in the Autofill template form. To add such field, go to Main Tab, select the appropriate profile and enter the name of the field and its value in the boxes and hit Add. For example, Name Mobile Handset; Value-Nokia N73.

· Export/ Import Profile – This feature lets you share, move your profiles from one PC to another in the form of a simple .TXT file. Go to the profiles tab and hit EXPORT PROFILE to obtain a profile copy as a text file. This feature can be particularly useful in taking a backup copy of all your profiles.

· Shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts and Mouse (Click) shortcuts can be assigned to it. To do this approach Interface gt; Keyboard Shortcuts or Interface gt;Mouse Buttons.

· Create a Profile out of a Page – Using this tool, you can fill out a page of Form and then save it as a profile. To do it just go to a form or registration page of the website and fill out its form ( except its CAPTCHA ) and right click in any field box ( say, e-mail address) and click ” Add Complete Form As Profile “option and save it.

Other Tricks and features

· Remember Passwords- If you have been using the Internet for a while, you might know the fact that many website like Yahoo and Blogger and many other sites do not allow browser to store or remember username and password. Though I have an article here at Associated Content on “How to make Firefox remember Yahoo Passwords “, I think this tool does it better. You can make Firefox remember passwords. To do this, go to the page say Yahoo Login and enter your Email Id and password and Right Click gt; Add Complete Form As Profile. One cool thing about this extension is that it automatically guesses the right profile by looking at the page and chooses the best profile.

· Templates of common web softwares – Another thing that I did was that I have created a template for common web softwares like vBulletin, phpBB, etc. These softwares use more or less the same registration forms and can profile can be created for them.

To fill a form just press the pencil button near the address bar and the magic happens (for dumb folks, the form gets filled). If you’ve liked the article, do write a comment.

Thank You.

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