Finding Toshiba Satellite A135 XP Drivers

There are many people who have the Toshiba Satellite A135 series. A large number of those people prefer using Windows XP even though the laptops are originally shipped with Vista preinstalled. If you plan on using Windows XP on those laptops then you will need the Toshiba Satellite A135 XP drivers. However, the Toshiba Satellite A135 XP drivers won’t be found on the Toshiba website. This is because Windows XP is not officially supported on the Satellite A135 series.
So how do you get the Toshiba Satellite A135 XP drivers for you Windows XP operating system? You will have to go and find individual drivers for each device that is missing the driver. The main driver that many people look for is the video driver. The A135 uses the ATI Radeon Xpress 200M driver. You can go to the ATI website to get the Windows XP drivers for the ATI Radeon Xpress. In the event that it does not automatically install the driver for you when you run the program then you will have to install the driver manually. You can do this via the device manager. Just choose to install manually and find the driver in the ATI folder that should be in the C drive.

You will need the PC Wizard to look for the name of the other devices. The sound can be usually downloaded from the Realtek website. This can prove to be a nuisance at times, but there is almost always a download package from the Realtek website that will work on your Windows XP laptop.

The wireless device will either be Atheros or Intel. If it is Intel then you can use the model number and get the driver from the Microsoft website. If it is Atheros then you may have to do some web searching. One solution is to find a laptop that has Windows XP and uses the same equipment at the A135. If all else fails then you can simply order another internal wireless card that was designed for Windows XP. In this instance, you would simply use the driver that comes with the card or download the Windows XP version of the wireless card driver.

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