How to Fix Bing’s Dynamic Wallpaper

Initially, I thought that Bing’s Dynamic Wallpaper for Windows 7 was a really cool idea. I still do, in fact. The simple fact of the matter is it was just buggy for me and plenty of other users. What most who have issues are experiencing a lack of updated wallpapers. Instead, Bing’s Dynamic Wallpaper locks up on some image, and won’t change. I wasn’t even able to manually change the wallpaper to something else. Because of this, I had a wallpaper with Cheetahs on it for about a month, and It was driving me crazy.
After attempting to find help on Microsoft’s website, I finally took matter into my own hand. I decided that since my wallpaper was already not working correctly, that I would take the plunge and delete the files it was using. Sure enough, without the files in place, I was able to get rid of Bing’s Dynamic Wallpaper for good.

Press the Windows button and R at the same time to bring up the Run dialog box, and type the following (minus the quotation marks) “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\ ” in the field (or copy and paste it, which is easier). This will put you in the current user’s Windows theme directory. Delete everything in this directory. Now you will need to assign a new wallpaper.

To assign a new wallpaper, go to the settings and change the wallpaper, click on the Start Menu, then select Control Panel. From the Control Panel, select Personalization. At the bottom of the Personalization window, click on Desktop Wallpaper. Now, click on the Browse button on the Desktop Background window and select the location of your desired wallpaper, then put a checkmark next to it in the window below. An alternative way to set up a new wallpaper is to navigate on your computer or even on the Internet to the image you want to use and right-click on it and choose Set as Desktop Background.

Now restart your computer and you should be done with the Bing Dynamic wallpaper for good.

If you do want to have a Desktop Background that changes, you can simply choose multiple images from the Desktop Background window by putting checkmarks next to all of the images you wish your background to cycle through. Note that there is a Select all button on the top right corner of the window. You can also choose how long each wallpaper will be displayed and if the images will be used in order or shuffled by putting a checkmark in next to the Shuffle option.

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