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Follow These Tips and Score High in Grand Prix Story 2 Mod

If you are a crazy fan of mobile games, you will definitely know about Grand Prix Story 2 Mod. This is a racing game that is not only popular among kids, but older people also like it. The excitement of the game is unmatched by anything. And now, the story mode has made the game even more fun. You will get the story while going racing. Racing games are quite popular among the gamers as those are quite engaging. Besides that, the strategies of the games are so easy that anyone can play it anywhere, anytime. What you need to do is a race without getting crashed. Now, you can play Grand Prix Story 2 Mod on your Android as well as iPhone. Here, you will get some beginner’s tips to do excel in the game.

This Involves Little Driving

Though it is a racing game, it requires little driving as everything is operated by the AI of the game. What you need to control are the Nitro, driver’s Aura, and brakes. Basically, this is a racing management game where instead of racing all the time, you have to manage your team along with your car. The basic motto of this game is to manage your car and team and then go for the race. Once you do these well, you can give a tough competition to your fellow racers. You will get complimentary Nitro during the tutorial stage. You need to use brakes only when you take up the speed. So, the game is quite relaxing racing game.

Give Training to Your Driver and Mechanic

You should never fail this. Always train your driver and mechanic so that they do well in the game. Each of them is skilled with six exclusive qualities that help them to give their best in the game. They can also be a part of several drills during the training session. The six qualities are Strength, Technology, Agility, Analysis, IQ, and Application. The drills are Uphill Drill, Running, Car Study, and Part Time Work.

Improve Your Car

Once your driver and the mechanic are trained, concentrate on improving the car’s condition. You want your car to perform well in races and for that, you need to upgrade your car on regular basis. Here, your mechanic will help to keep the car in good condition as he can develop a good base stat for your car in the race. These base stats are Speed, D-Force, Acceleration, Handling, and Boost. To make a purchase of the car’s parts, you need to click on the car. You will get to select from several items you want to buy your car. Choose what you want and make the purchase.

Don’t Forget to Collect Free Bonuses

Bonus items will help you to proceed smoothly in the game. You can earn them free of cost.

Once you log in the game on daily basis, you will get a daily login reward.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to play Grand Prix Story 2 Mod. Download it now and enjoy the game at your leisure.

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