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If you love TV shows, here are some Free Online TV Show Games to keep you occupied until new TV shows are available. Just to clarify, these aren’t free online TV game shows, but free online games about TV shows. Some of these TV theme games are just for laughs, others test your reflexes and some test your television show trivia knowledge, but all of these games are free and require no downloads.
Name That Theme Song Game
If you remember the old Name That Tune TV show, you know the basic premise of this free online game. This one’s a lot of fun as you listen to TV theme songs and identify the TV show the theme song comes from out of four multiple choice selections. You can choose from 10 to 30 rounds and also see how your score compares with others.

Game Hint: Be careful not to make the wrong choice – it will cost you a hundred points.

This game is probably my favorite (which is why I listed it first!)

To play Name That Theme Song for free, click HERE.

The TV Game Show
This game is a combination word search and TV trivia game. You compete against a timer to find the words in the word search puzzle. The first round is pretty basic, but the rounds get progressively harder and more interesting. The bonus rounds are a bit more challenging — you have to find the hidden word but are only given clues as to what it is. The cheesy 70’s game show music and sound effects add a lot to the fun of this game.

Click HERE to play The TV Game Show.

Deal or No Deal
This online version combines reflexes with the popular game show. Game play differs from the TV version in that you are shown the contents of the briefcases and must eliminate the ones you don’t want. Sounds easy, but the dollar amounts in the briefcases come quickly enough to make this game a bit of a challenge.

To play Deal or No Deal for free, click HERE.

Monk’s Mind Game
If you like the TV show, Monk, you may enjoy this game where you help Monk straighten out the little things in life. This game requires quick reflexes.

To play the Monk’s Mind Game, click HERE.

USA Network’s Character Game Lounge
USA network provides a number of TV show games on it’s website. You don’t have to register to play, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out some of the TV-inspired games they have created.

To visit USA Network’s Character Game Lounge and play free games, click HERE.

Games that Require Free Registration offers a few TV show games that require a simple, free registration to play the full versions.

Deal or No Deal – Banker’s Quiz
This game combines the popular Deal or No Deal format with trivia questions. Answer the trivia questions correctly and you can eliminate the lower dollar amount cases easily. Miss a question, and you eliminate high dollar amount cases. This version plays similar to the Deal or No Deal game listed above, but is more interesting and fun.

To play a free sample version of this TV show game, click HERE. Once you’ve played a few rounds, the game will prompt you to continue by registering.

American Idol Game
This game combines Guitar Hero (or Dance Dance Revolution) with American Idol. You ‘sing’ a song by clicking on the correct arrow key on your keyboard. It’s pretty addictive once you get used to it.

Game Hint: If you’re using a laptop, you may find the arrow keys a bit small. Give it a try though, the game is pretty fun!

To play the sample version of the game, click HERE. To play the full version will require a free registration.

The Biggest Loser
In this deceptively simple game you’re goal is to match up the bad foods and eliminate them. This one’s a lot of fun. As you eliminate the bad foods, they free up items, which will fall toward your contestant. Avoid the bad and collect the good. Sounds simple enough, right?

To play The Biggest Loser, click HERE. Read the instructions carefully. Once again, to play the full version of this game you will have to register.

Why watch TV, when you can play TV online for free!

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