Game Review – Aerobiz Supersonic (SNES)

Boy, am I glad Koei made Aerobiz Supersonic! As a sequel to its predecessor (Aerobiz for the SNES which I reviewed earlier), it was released in ’94 by Koei to pick up the slack from the previous game, correcting the vast majority of its flaws.
Like its predecessor, Aerobiz Supersonic really has no plot or storyline. The basic premise is that you, the player, are destined to build your aviation business from the ground up, defining each-and-every-freaking metric along the way. You control everything from budget plans to routes of action and travel to the amount of time and resources spent on researching your competitors’ metrics.

Aerobiz Supersonic has graphics that are vastly improved over the previous installment in the series. Nothing lacks this time around; while there are still the dry, overplayed graphics that the first one had, they’re refined and cleaned up to a point where they’re literally pleasing to look at. Additionally, the game has a lot of different menus and screens, rather than staring at only two the entire duration of your play time. The control is still through a corny menu bar, though there isn’t much to do to get around this on the SNES.

Audio in Aerobiz Supersonic hasn’t been improved as much as the graphics have, unfortunately, but doesn’t really detract from the game. As far as I can tell, Aerobiz Supersonic does draw from the public domain repositories in order to present its sound scheme to the player, and after the many hours required to properly advance in the game, this music becomes tedious.

The learning curve in Aerobiz Supersonic is similar to that of the previous game, though having played it already, I was able to jump into it right away. It brings to the table a few new elements and metrics, and everything is more “modernized” and updated, along with the additional game mode to keep the player… well, playing. Overall, this game is a well-received improvement on the old business simulation, and is leagues ahead of it as a result. I give Aerobiz Supersonic a solid five out of five; it’s unique, fun, and overall, good!

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