Game Review – Bass Masters Classic (SNES)

Bass Masters Classic was released for the SNES by Malibu in 1995 for the U.S., and released by Altron in the same year for Japan. This game was companioned by BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society), ironically (or maybe that’s how the game got the name, I don’t know, I’m not the developer). This is a game pretty much dedicated to the dedicated anglers of the world. The goal is simple; it’s to score the in the top five of the weight of the bass caught in three minutes.
There’s no plot or story line for this game, the goal is quite simple for anyone to understand. The only goal in the game is to achieve the one of the top five weights in the tournament by choosing the correct locations, baits, lines and even boat engines. One of the few challenges is you can only hold five fish and the tournament clock is three minutes, if you catch more than five bass thankfully the game throws the lightest one back into the water. The most complicated part of Bass Masters Classic is by trial and error trying to find the bass in the water.

The graphics of Bass Masters Classic leave one wanting more. Compared to the Pro game released only one later is like comparing a NES to a Sega. Still it was an entrepreneur for the sports field of games, and I’m sure there were lots of kinks to work out; it thankfully made way for many more games for years to come.

The music for this game is surprisingly better than the Pro edition that had an underlying screech that irritated me to no end. The sound quality is even better which I find highly irregular. If one was basing which game to purchase based entirely on sound Bass Masters Classic is the way to go.

The controls are simple, easy and responsive. It doesn’t take a ‘gamer’ to be able to play this game with ease. All there is to do is choose a character, bait and other such things, and then choose a lake. Next you cast, wait, wait, jerk the line some, wait some more and once you finally catch a fish and reel it in, sadly all there is to do is repeat. Bass Masters Classic’s replay value is only high for those whom have a serious fishing addiction (I advise a support group if this is the case).

I guess if you like fishing and you’re too lazy to get off you’re couch Bass Master Classic is the perfect game for you. It pretty only much has a high appeal to anglers and all others would probably lose interest in this game in only a day. If your me this game is only getting a four however if you’re a fishing kind of person I’m sure you would give this game at least a six.

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