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Quake is a game that’s been out there forever. Almost everyone, girl or guy, young or old knows that Quake was a pioneer in first person shooters. A ton of mods and add-ons were made by fans and third party developers, expanding the realm of Quake into games we see today. Even more advanced games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike Source have been inspired by the 1996 FPS.
If that doesn’t already have you interested, what if I said that you could play one of the best versions of the game, Quake 3, for free online-and what if I were to say, all you’d have to do is download a plugin and play it on your browser. That’s right, the evil geniuses over at ID decided to give us one of the great classics for free to play on your browser. Bored at your desk job? Close down that damn Minesweeper and Tower Defense and pick up a real man’s game. Quakelive.


Quake comes with five different game modes and eight sickening weapons. Everything from a hand chainsaw, to a nuclear rocket launcher will help in your quest in destroying opponents from around the globe. The gameplay is fast-paced to say the least. There are various ramps, and boosters in order to help you along if you are inexperienced with bunnyhopping. Trained veterans to the Quake series will be relieved that the game has maintained all of its original, juicy, physics. Per usual, Quake allows you to customize your skin, and with over 25, chances are you’ll look unique no matter what server you join.

There are various powerups and armor that you’ll have to be accustomed to if you want to survive in the realm of Quake. Armor is essential in cushioning the devastating blows from your opponents while powerups like Quad-Damage and Haste will allow you to ravage the enemy with ease. To become good at the game, you’ve got to understand all the maps and locations of powerups and armor. However, in the end, anyone can become good, as all it takes is fast reactions, good instincts, and some experience.


Learning Curve

While there is an entire professional competitive gaming community out there for Quakelive the learning curve is actually really good. The matchmaking and stat system Quakelive employs ensures that you’ll be joining servers with players with a similar skill level. In fact, the game requires you to first go into training mode in order to assess your overall skill in movement and aim. This allows even brand new players to the Quake series time to improve in servers with similar players in them.

The stats system is amazingly cool for a free browser game. Once you create your account the game will save descriptive statistics so you can keep track of how well you are doing. It also analyzes your favorite weapon, maps, and gametypes, just in case you weren’t keeping track. There are also awards you can earn, and it will track the date and time of when you earn an achievement. There is no messy installation, and no worrying about losing a disk or corrupted files. All in all it’s a simple game to get into, but a complex game to get good at.



The graphics for Quake 3 were amazing for its time, and ID was coming out with pretty revolutionary game titles for like Doom, and Wolfenstien 3D. The fact is, the graphics to today’s standards are sub-par. Walls are pixilated and character models look more comedic than anything. That’s not to say there is no value in nostalgia, as Quakelive definitely takes you back to the days of MS DOS, and booting your games in a black screen.

The fact is, there’s not much else you can expect from a game that plays in your Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. While the graphics don’t impress for today’s standards, they do not interfere with the great game play whatsoever.


Replay Value

The replay value of this game is probably the greatest asset other than the ridiculously fun game play. The simplicity in which you can start the game is just about as easy as visiting a website once you set it up. The server lists are clear to see and there are tons to choose from, all with great pings. Because there are so many people playing this game, you’ll never run out of opponents, or strategies to destroy those opponents. You can sit there and play the game for hours, or boot it up for a 15 minute lunch break.



Quakelive is a great port for a great classic. Even though it’s been out for years, the use of so many servers proves that the game still has its place in contemporary society. For those of you who want to get into gaming, but have a bad computer, it’s a great avenue to play. All you do is visit the site and you’ll

receive a personalized, high-action experience.

To get into the action visit the official Quakelive website at:

Overall Rating: 9.15

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