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Grim Soul the game for zombies

This game Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is developed and designed by Kefir and is available in the android play store for free. This game is basically a free to play dark fantasy survival game. The only goal of the players in this game survives all the endless wandering soles and move towards the end of the game. The main motto of the player is to survive in the game as long as they can. Surviving the game and collecting rewards is what players need to focus on when they are playing this game. This game also includes a lot of combat fight between knights who are basically zombies.

Things to do in this game

Explore new places– This game gives players the liberty to roam around the Grey Decay area and let players find all the mysterious areas that are there in the game. Finding new places let the players obtain different types of valuable resources.

Learn Crafting– This game also gives the players the liberty to build their workbenches so that they are able to craft new resources on their own. Users have the option of discovering signs and they can make weapons with help of that which help them fight against zombies.

Build a Castle- This game gives all the players the liberty to build a foundation so that they are able to defend their survivors. This will help players to stay safe and not let anyone attack them. There is valuable loot available in the enemy territory so players need to go there to get more loot.

Defeat Enemies– In this game players need to make their own weapons and survive from all the zombies. There are a lot of fighting styles available but players will learn them all eventually.

Clear out the Dungeons- One of the objectives of the game is to clear out all the dungeons. Clearing out dungeons help players win a lot of loot. Players will be able to discover new weapons every time they clear out a dungeon.

Maintain Horse– It is mandatory for the players to build a stable for the horse because without that players will not be able to go from one place to another without getting attacked. There are other options like building a cart or a boat. It is important to gather the necessary parts before building anything.

Join a clan– It is important to join a clan because without joining a clan this game is not interesting. Everyone needs to play in teams. It is recommended for players to set up a clan with their friends so that they are able to coordinate and play.

This game is rated 4.5 out of 5 by players in the android app store and the last time it was updated was on 18th of July 2018. This game is available free of cost but there are inapp purchases for making the gameplay of the players easy. There are mods available for this game which players can download and play.

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