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Guide to the AXE.IO game

Axe.io was developed and published by the ‘Crescent Moon Games’ and ‘YVETTE’. It is a three-dimensional battle royal style game and requires survival strategies. The game, Axe.io is set in a three dimensional Viking village, a castle that is guarded by ferocious dragons or a remote island. A player’s mission in the game changes depending upon the mode of the game that is being played. Players can play against other players and sometimes against dragons. However, it does not change the gameplay of the game. The ways to play the game remains the same. Please note that this game can be played with virtual players and also with real players in online mode.

The basic gameplay:

The basic gameplay of the AXE.IO involves throwing axes at enemies. The gameplay is quite guessable based on the title of the game. There is a button at the end, which is used to throw axes. In addition to which, there is a dodge roll option that recharges the power. A player can level up by collecting money that gives the player a close range sword and the ability to pick up shields. A player can also gain access to fire pits that provide a player with explosive axes. There are ways to spin on a dime and flip out axes to kill enemies. While doing so, a player can also dodge attacks by the opponent that is aimed at their direction.

The Arena:

The arena of a game is where the entire gameplay takes place, with players, characters, weapons, buildings, artifacts, etc. In simple terms, the arena is the place where a player is allowed to hone their battle skills; it is the environment where the main events take place in a particular game. The arena for the AXE.IO game is small with all the items and obstacles in it. One can expect more advanced obstacles in the later stages of the game. While in the beginning, a player can avail gems by playing easy levels in the basic arena.
The Death Match:

It is the main mode of the game that is filled with realistic and terrifying experiences. It is the real meat of the game, where a player will have to play against real layers and hone their ability and skills to win. Using the skills that are provided to the player, they are to fight against as many enemies they can on a larger island.

The Dragon Hunter:

Here, one can team up with other players and take down a dragon boss. This mode is the best in the entire game. A player can dodge roll when attacked by fireballs. It is important to learn the Dragon’s pattern of attack, by which a player can defeat the dragon by counter-attacking.
The Battleground:

In the battleground, a player will have to survive fifty other players. It takes place continuously while the game is being played. It is important to gather as many coins available and prepare for the battle that lay ahead. Players should be aware of enemies who come in multiples and attack at once. So one has to be wary and fight them off.

These facts were the basic gameplay of the AXE.IO. If you are to notice, they also make up as the Axe.io tips to go ahead in the game. These facts give a better knowledge of what the game might be and how it may unfold.

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