A Guide to Writing Your First Ebook

People get scared of when thinking of writing a book and especially an Ebook. Don’t worry so much it’ll be an easier than you think. Ebooks have become very popular and can bring in a nice income with some practice. Your reason can be much more personal though.
First you obviously need the tools a computer with a word processor. See that was easy. Next you need to see what your goals are with the Ebook. Could it just be to get information out? To make money? The reason is up to you. After this you need to pick a topic. Make it something that you have knowledge about doing this will make the writing easier.

Some people believe in picking a title before starting I am the opposite. I want to think about who will be reading this and then write to my audience first. If I expect kids to read I won’t use complicated language but if it is a programming guide I will use language directed at programmers.

Next outline your idea. This will keep your writing in sync with your direction. I like to start with an outline and for longer books then break up the sections in to chapters. This way you understand how to start and finish each section. This will make the writing go smoother. Many authors like to put together a thesis of the Ebook but an outline has been more effective in my experience.

Now get to writing. Don’t worry about grammar at first get your ideas on paper that is the most important part. Once the words start flowing you will be amazed on how quickly the pages start flying by. Once you have everything down it is time to do the review process. I like to at first move sections around to see how they fit. After this I go and clean up grammar and the language of each section. Now after you are done make sure you add the title. Depending on your goals for the book I like to add an image to the title page.

Now you need to format your EBook. The most popular method is PDF. This way people can’t just go in and edit your work. Depending on the word processor you used there are many free apps that can convert your work into a PDF.Finally it’s time to distribute your Ebook and get some feedback. Good Luck.

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