Highly Anticipated EA Title ‘Bulletstorm’ to Have a Demo Late This Month

The highly-anticipated, over-the-top action shooter Bulletstorm has finally had some great news. A demo is to be released late this month on January 25th on the Playstation® Network in North America and XboxTM Live Marketplace Worldwide. Unfortunately for European Playstation users, they will have to wait a day later on January 26th for their chance with the Bulletstorm Demo. The demo plans to offer fans and gamers alike so much and even more! Award-winning studio Epic Games, creator of Gears of War and the Unreal series, in collaboration with Electronic Arts plan to create a very unique experience using a “pulp scii-fi, single-player campaign; Anarchy multiplayer mode; and Echo mode.” However, the demo only plans to release with a preview of Echo mode. This mode introduces something known as a “Skillshot” system, similar to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer system in which the unique ways you kill or defeat your opponents determine what your score is. However, unlike Brotherhood, Bulletstorm plans to have platform-specific upgrades to use with the game’s Anarchy mode when the game fully releases, allowing players on both consoles an extra incentive as they play through the demo and try out the game. This unique marketing strategy will no doubt bring the game’s demo a lot of downloads and possibly new fans as the game sets to release next month on February 22 in North America and February 25 for Europe.

Source: EA Press Release

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