How to Double Your Money on eBay and Keep Making Money

Let’s take a pair of brand new True Religion jeans to use as our example for this article on how to double your money on eBay – and how to keep making money to buy more products! You can do this with any hot selling item – I am going to use a few different things to show you how this can easily be done, and how to make money, not loose money when selling on eBay.
So say you find a pair of jeans, True Religion – a great name brand that’s almost guaranteed to sell on eBay for half of what they’re worth, say $100. (They’re worth more than this, I know – but I’m going to use some even numbers to keep this as simple as possible for you to read.) So you buy the jeans on sale for say $50 – you can try to double your money by just doing a Buy It Now price, or just start them at the $50 you originally bought them for – and see how much money you can pull in. Sometimes, auctions bring in more money if there is a bidding war. Now, we’re going to say that these True Religion jeans sell for $90.00. With all the eBay fees and PayPal fees deducted by using a free eBay Fee Calculator I found online, you’re profiting about $30.

Now, we’re going to look at it this way, you buy five pairs of those jeans at $50 each ($50 X 5 = $250 of your own money) and sell them all at an average of the same stated monies above. You profit $30 a pair, ($30.00 X 5 = $150 profit), plus all the money back you originally used to buy the fives pairs. Putting out a small investment can generate consistent income if you follow something along these lines. It’s just all about consistency. So if you take your $400 you have now, (the $250 you made back from the jeans plus the $150 profit you made from them), you reinvest that $400 into more jeans – with $400 you could buy 8 pairs now. ($400 / $50 = 8) Keep using this technique – and be careful to keep your money aside to just keep buying new inventory, in order to make new money. After a month or two of following this technique to double your money on eBay, you will soon have enough capital to just keep buying, and use your extra profit money for yourself, bills, entertainment, etc.

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This doubling technique can even be done with $100 – it’s basically a way of flipping items on eBay, and can be used with any product you think or know will sell, you just must do your research ahead of time or have some experience to know what will sell and what won’t. Some items you can fully double your money on when it comes to selling on eBay – it’s just matter of how cheap you can buy the item in order to double your money. Ever here of “Buy Low, Sell High?” My point exactly, the lower you can get it – the more your profit off of what you sell on eBay will be. The more chances you have of making 50-100% your money back.

This technique can also be done with selling smaller, cheaper products. The trick is to buying them wholesale or in bulk. My favorite place to buy these items are actually on itself. I find all kinds of stuff for cheap, just type in “Wholesale” or “Resell” or “bulk” and see what comes up – and buy what you think might sell. It is a lot about trial and error – but remember, it can’t hurt to try, and you won’t know until you try it. So say you run into Hello Kitty phone charms, 20 pieces for $10. From what I know, phone charms, especially Hello Kitty ones are quite expensive around me, about $5.95 for one. If you bought them at the 20 pieces for $10 – you’d be getting each phone charm for 50 cents, your final cost, you just have to do the math before you buy to see how cheap you’re really getting the item for. Then, it is time to decide how much you want to sell your phone charms, or whatever it may be, on eBay. If you sell the Charms for $2 each, ($2 X $20 = $40) you just made a $30 profit on the phone charms – more than doubling that $10 you put out to sell them on eBay! See how easy it is? It’s all about finding the right product, at the right price, at the right time! Good luck doubling your money on eBay!

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