How to Twitter for Business

Social media is here to stay; Twitter, being one of the driving forces behind the social media push has become one of the best services to interact and engage with other users online.
From a marketing angle, business has found Twitter to be very useful to improve their businesses, increase profits and handle every kind of customer interaction to date.

Although it will take some time to perfect Twitter for your own business, consider the following to masterfully use Twitter for your business.

Use One: Build an online brand

Building an online brand takes time but by doing so, your business will be able to command a chunk of the marketplace because of the authority you’ve built online.

Branding goes well beyond your business image; dealing with customers is the new driving factors online – you can use Twitter to help show others the culture behind your brand, bring additional users in and give them an experience they soon won’t forget.

Use Two: Drive traffic to your site

With millions of users, Twitter is quickly becoming the defacto service to drive free traffic to websites.

With a large majority of users sending tweets (Twitter messages) included with links, a single tweet has the potential to drive thousands of visitors to an online destination.

As an online business, you could use Twitter to share helpful articles, product promotions and display your services as part of your campaign to ramp up traffic through the social media service.

Use Three: Lead generation

Twitter’s search feature is like none other; Twitter search will give you real time results into what people are talking about – this becomes a powerful tool for those businesses that choose to employ a staff to find leads.

Every day, millions of people are talking about commerce. Your business could seek out these people and engage them through Twitter; this gives you an opportunity to land a new customer.

Use Four: Customer service

Many online businesses have taken Twitter to a whole new level, using the social media services as a form of customer service.

As a consumer, we all know how irritating it can be to be placed on hold; with Twitter, our message can be heard instantly without the wait (as long as the business uses the service).

Your own business could handle smaller customer support issues through Twitter. Using Twitter for customer support also keeps your business out in the open for others to follow and help their own interaction with your company (this could turn into a future sale).

Use Five: Business transparency

Mentioned previously with customer service, transparency is the new buzzword when it comes to business today. Transparency means being open with your practices and many business insights.

Consumers are becoming more aware about the global impact of business which is why many of them want to be ensured the businesses they do deal with are ones which will provide a positive, global experience.

With Twitter, your business could openly share your practices, culture and interactions with your market. Being open will help people see the true nature behind your business, build your authoritative image and perhaps turn into customers within the future.

Use Six: Fun

After the first few hours of trying to figure what Twitter is all about it becomes clear that this service is downright fun.

Although you’re running a business, we all need to kick back sometimes and have a good laugh – it improves your moral!

Businesses can use Twitter to throw out jokes, pull pranks and generally entertain their market. Customers enjoy businesses that aren’t serious all the time; it shows that they’re human too.

Use Seven: Find employees

Finally, when your employee count is down you can turn to Twitter to find a well qualified candidate.

Every day, job seekers are in full force on Twitter seeking out jobs and posting their resumes – additionally, you can find freelance work!

If you need a new employee, consider taking to Twitter to find that next A-player.

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