How to Improve Cell Phone Reception

Cell phones are a modern and wonderful way to communicate. What used to be the bulky box sized items that only business people covet, now has become mainstream. Virtually everyone including children have a cell phone. Most of the time they work wonderfully without any problems. Occasionally though we are in unfriendly areas and our phones may not work as usual. Most people do not plan for this situation, more than likely you are not carrying any kind of booster in your pocket.
Below I will discuss some non-conventional ways you can improve your cell phone reception. These methods are somewhat strange in nature but they have always worked well for me in the past. The more modern cell phones have built in radio antennas. This is a less common problem due to cell towers coming up everywhere. However when you live out in a more rural area this is an everyday reality.

So your trying to make a call or send a text message. Repeatedly its failing and becomes a very uncomfortable feeling. There is a sense of urgency that comes along trying to send a message and it continues to fail. First and foremost trying in foil or any other conventional idea simply does not work.

Cell phones have strong antennas and there signal is much like any other radio signal. The idea is to get the antenna to pass a particular radio signal as many times as possible in as little as space as possible. This will maximize the signal and your cell reception can get enough bars to send that message or make that call. For instance, if you are sending a text message. Hold your phone slightly higher than you normally would and move in a fast semi circular motion. On many phones this works every single time.

Other phone have an antenna that needs to be never covered up when your in a bad area. In this case if you hold the phone with the antenna up over your head, then quickly move it back and forth this can also help. I usually only use these methods when it is very important, if there are people around, you can see why. With many people around you could look very foolish doing this.

Finally when nothing is working it is important to note, the higher you can get the phone, the better your chances are that it will work. Cell phones certainly have taken over the communication landscape. As more towers move in cell phone receptions will improve drastically. In the meantime, happy shaking.

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