How to Install Free Software on Linux Ubuntu

Since I have installed Linux and Ubuntu I have noticed how great this system is. Not only was the system free. But there is a whole bunch of free games and software you can get on the system. Best of all it’s legal to share Linux CDs with anyone and the software made for is is all free and legal as well. Now after you have Ubuntu installed you might wonder where you can find this great free software. Well first you will need to have an internet connection DSL would be the best. Next click on applications and then click on ubuntu software center.

From here you can choose all kinds of software from games to office and graphics programs. One cool program I downloaded was the GIMP graphics program. To download a program just click the program and simply click install. You will see a green progress bar that will tell you how long it will take to get the program. Once you have the program you will be able to access it from your applications menu. If you for instance downloaded a web browser like Google Chrome. You can click on applications and then internet. You will then see the program in the list. The software center is a great resource on Ubuntu. I hope enjoyed this lesson and have a great day.

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