How to Install a Video Card

For this article I will show you how to install an upgraded video card. If you were replacing a video card a few of the steps would be different than upgrading. When upgrading make sure your system can handle the video card your considering installing. Some cards require larger wattage of power supply.
Step 1 – I will assume you have your upgraded video card ready to install. First thing to do is turn off your computer by shutting it down properly.

Step 2 – Unplug it and disconnect all cords and cables. Find a flat surface to work and make sure you are wearing a grounding strap.

Step 3 – Remove the side panel and lay it aside. Lay your computer on its side so you can easily have access to the inside of the case.

Step 4 – You will need a screw driver to remove the old video card. Unscrew the screw that holds the video card from popping out.

Step 5 – Carefully remove the video card from the slot. They can be very snug so make sure you take care in removing it. You can keep the old card as a spare, sell it, or give it away. If its defective than you can just toss it out.

Step 6 – Take the new card and very carefully install it in the slot that the old card vacated. Be careful that you seat the card properly. If not seated properly you will not get any video when you boot up.

Step 7 – Connect your power and video cable and turn your computer on. If it is installed properly you will get video. If you get no video or beeps turn it off and try to reseat the card.

Step 8 – Once you have gotten video turn it off and replace the side panel. Hook up your computer properly and boot it up into Windows.

Step 9 – Since it is a different card you will have to install drivers for it. You should of gotten a CD with your new video card. It will have the drivers you need. Even if your video looks right install the drivers anyway to make sure you get the proper ones for your card. Later you can go to the video card manufacturers website and download the latest drivers for that card.

Step 10 – The computer will ask you to reboot once the drivers are installed. Once it boots up you may have to set your screen resolution to what comfortable level you like. Do not set your cards resolution higher than the monitor can support.

Congratulations you have installed a new video card.

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