If I Could Have Just One Gadget, What Would it Be?

When you really think about how many tech gadgets we use on a daily basis, it becomes difficult to imagine a world with just one. If I was forced to pick just one, what would it be? Would it be my cell phone? Would it be my GPS? Or possibly my television? All are viable options, but the one gadget I’ll take over all else, would be my Samsung N150 Plus Netbook.

What are my other choices?

My netbook can do the job of all other gadgets, plus more. If I need to make a phone call, I can use the computer. There are several different programs that can be used to make video phone calls, including Yahoo! Messenger and Skype. Skype is free and is great to communicate with family members overseas. Even if I owned an iPhone or Blackberry, it would be just as easy to use my laptop for phone calls.

How about a camera?

I can take pictures or videos with my webcam and send them to my family with my netbook all in one shot. This replaces the need for me to keep my camera. Keeping my laptop allows me to take the pictures and videos I took, and delete or edit without the need to transfer to a different device. If I kept a camera, sharing the images would be much more difficult and would be a longer process.


A television or game system?

Picking a television isn’t a terrible choice, because while you are at home, you can watch. But if you are on the road, unless radical progress is made installing cable access into cars, the one gadget you can keep is useless for a majority of the time.

What about the game lovers? Will they be able to live without their PlayStation 3 or Xbox? While the quality of the video game might not be the best on a computer, it’s still a game. Facebook games would also still be available, and those are getting more popular every day. Best Buy even offers gift cards for use of Facebook games like Cafe World or Mafia Wars. Classic games have even been remade into Facebook games including The Oregon Trail and Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego! You can’t get those classics on the Wii.

WIth the recent popularity of Netflix and thir streaming program, I’d have every movie I would want at my fingertips. That being said, the most important reason for me to want to keep my netbook is simple, I love to write. I can’t write on my cell phone, GPS, or game systems, so I’d be lost without it.

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