Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod- Facts You Need to Know

You will find several interesting reasons for the popularity of this game, but the name, associated with it is enough to beat all reasons. Kim Kardashian is the Hollywood diva who is the central character of this game. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a super interesting game that features how a lower upstart can become an A-class celebrity of Hollywood. Once you download it, you will find a series of quests in this game that includes promotional events, photo shoots, celebrity and also socialite activities. Actually, this game is based on Kim Kardashian’s life. How she becomes the superstar of Hollywood from a mere television personality is the main feature of this game. The includes spicy features, like shopping, clothing, dating, buying furniture, houses, working for the press, and the most interesting part, there will be an account with Kim Kardashian herself. Once you participate in these activities, your star power will boost up and you take one step ahead towards being the A-list celebrity.

Go for In-app Purchase

The game is absolutely free to play, but, you will get the opportunity to go for in-app purchases that will make you advance in the game. For every completion of the quest, you will require money and energy lightening. Also, you have to perform certain tasks in the game, like charming people, adopting children, networking, buying items, etc. to earn silver tasks. Now, you can purchase silver stars to use in the game and buy energy lightening that will help you to complete your tasks faster.

Choose Your Clothing

This part of the game is really super interesting. By playing this quest you will go one step ahead towards your Hollywood journey. The richer and fancier you get you can get to buy more designer clothes. Maybe you are not wearing them, but they will help you to go ahead in the game. The wardrobe of this game is full of different types of dresses, like shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, outfits, shoes and obviously, accessories to buy. You will be surprised to know that some of these dresses are actually from the collection of Kim Kardashian. While buying the dresses or anything from the wardrobe, you will find a heart and a star beside the item. Once you buy it, these signs will vanish and the item will be a part of your collection.

Take Selfies

Are you done in selecting your clothes? Now, it’s time to take selfies in the wardrobe mode. You will get options to choose your outfit, pose and location. While posing, you can copy Kim Kardashian or any other Hollywood celebrities.

So, these are only a few facts you get to know about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. From the explanation, it is clear that this game will attract girls more, no matter what your age is. After all, the designer dresses, accessories, selfies and amazing quests will excite you for sure. What are you waiting for? Download now and start playing.

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